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Hotels in Limone on Lake Garda

You have the wonderful choice of 5 hotels in Limone on Lake Garda, all of which are 4 stars . Each establishment is distinguished by its own qualities, above all else with unique positions.

Hotel Sogno del Benaco, like the Hotel Garda Bellevue and the Hotel Garda Suite, rises from the upper part of the town, a few steps from the centre and graced with a splendid view.

Hotel Villa Dirce overlooks Limone from a magnificent position, a kilometre on foot or by bicycle with the new cycle path from the town centre.

Hotel All’Azzurro is located in the picturesque historical centre, directly on the lake with rooms with a view and panoramic terraces.

Limone is a little pearl on the Brescian side of Lake Garda. In Limone, the little streets and the stone steps allow you to take a trip into the past. Tourists fall in love with these characteristic spots that lead to little squares and invite you to continue among the houses and shops, interwoven with the smell of wisteria and the bright colours of geraniums.

The harbours with the fishing boats carry the memory of times passed when fishing was the principal activity around the lake.

The territory is varied and is fitted perfectly for each type of outdoor activity and sport: from windsurfing to sailing, to kitesurfing, mountain-biking and trekking.

The particular climate has allowed throughout the years the cultivation of lemons, fitting the character of the “limonère” that you can still admire today. The location on the lakeside cliffs shelters the “limonere” from the winds of the north. The Mediterranean climate has given life to vegetation typical of the area, such as agave plants, oleanders, palms and cyprus trees, alongside the terraces of hundred-year-old olive trees and citruses.

Hotel Villa Dirce

Limone sul Garda

Hotel All'Azzurro

Limone sul Garda

Hotel Sogno del Benaco

Limone sul Garda

Hotel Garda Bellevue

Limone sul Garda

Garda Suite Hotel

Limone sul Garda