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Garda Bellevue - Limone sul Garda
Garda Bellevue - Limone sul Garda
Garda Bellevue - Limone sul Garda
Garda Bellevue - Limone sul Garda

Area Wellness - La dolce Vita

The indoor pool was completely renovated in 2010, complete with whirlpool and geysers; the internal dimensions of the pool are m.12,20 x m.7,00.

Childrens in the age from 14 years are allowed.
Openings : from 15.00h to 19.00h

The Wellness Center "La dolce vita" offers following services:

Emotional shower, balancing phase.

  • Cold Fog, Rain, Tropical Rain.
  • Automatic sequence change jets.
  • Switching lights colored blue-green-red.
  • Delivering aromatic essence.

Turkish bath, wet-steam heat treatment.

  • Cabin temperature about 45 ° C and relative humidity around 99%.
  • Environment highly agreeable; promotes sweating and the elimination of toxins.
  • Great health benefits, against stress.

Bucket tilt, cooling phase.

  • Washtub with hanging rod for cascade of cold water, after sauna and turkish bath.

Ice factory, cooling phase.

  • Crushed ice for cold clutches combined with sauna and turkish bath.

Finnish sauna, dry heat treatment.

  • Wooden cabin, at a temperature of about 80 ° C, relative humidity about 15%.
  • From the Nordic tradition, detoxifies the body, reduces stress, restores tone and vigor.
  • Contraindications: heart problems or pressure, pregnancy, menstruation, epilepsy.

Flotarium, floating in salt water and relaxation

  • Exclusive hot water, high concentration of Dead Sea salts.
  • Continuously filtered and maintained at about 35 ° C.
  • Brings together the effect floating feeling of absence of weights, and the benefits and exclusive active ingredients, which are unique to the waters of the Dead Sea.
  • Promotes the production of endorphins and the absorption of lactic acid.
  • Irreplaceable aid in skin treatments.
  • Fights stress, nervous tension, fatigue.

"Kneipp" Path

  • Cobblestone path for an effective foot massage-shiatsu.
  • Acts on the reflex points and promotes energy balancing.
  • Great benefit on blood and lymphatic circulation in the legs.
  • Fights fatigue and water retention.


  • The colors have an important influence on the autonomic nervous system through the oscillation frequency of the colors, which penetrate the body through the sensory cells, to reach the central nervous system.
  • Toxins are eliminated more easily.
  • The activities of the various organs, depending on the color, is stimulated or mitigated.

Relax.Thermo Relax Bed, exclusive anatomical beds, wood Spruce and mosaic, heated to about 38 ° C, particularly suitable for tired back and sore.

  • Gran Relax, deck joists in Spruce for comfortable rest after the treatments hot.